Hey, remember the squirrel freeway from four pictures ago? I'd always seen them on the bigger cable bundle, and I wondered as I mentioned it earlier if they ever walked across the upper one. Well right now there's one on the upper one, and I think it's staring intently at me. Well, anyway, here's a picture of the fireplace. I took this picture before we got the huge, orange chicken feet to put on the coffee table legs. Can you tell there's a foot-wide floor-to-ceiling window on each side of the fireplace? More blurring of the distinction between inside and outside. But somebody painted the bricks on the outside, unblurring the distinction. Other places the distinction is unblurred are window frames that are white inside and brown outside. It sorta hurts the blurring of the distinction, but it also draws your attention to how you've had the distinction blurred, so you don't take it for granted. Ya know? The squirrel is sitting perpendicular to the cable, holding on with its back paws, hanging its head and front paws over on this side, tail balancing on the other. Strange. Oh, and here comes one of the black ones hopping around the back yard. There's a faint green glow coming from it.

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